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transfer and tents


We have you covered:

Through us you can get safe, reliable and certified TRANSFER to and from your event. If that isn’t enough, we also offer affordable TENT RENTAL and an entire assortment of other camping necessities for the duration of your festival. Leave the admin to us, we will do it all!


We charter transfers to EVERY major festival on the Cape Town summer-calendar. Transfer costs differ from festival to festival.

For the upcoming NYE FESTIVALS the price of transfer is between R400 and R600 depending on which festival you are going to.

To get invoiced for an exact price please fill out an order form on the right or, if you're using a mobile browser, contact us through the contact form on the 'contact us' page.


- 2 SLEEPER: R300/Night + R500 Deposit
- 5 SLEEPER: R650/Night + R1000 Deposit
- 8 SLEEPER: R800/Night + R1000 DeposiT

- SLEEPING BAGS: R150/Night + R150 Deposit
- SLEEPING MATS: R100/Night +R100 Deposit
- CAMPING CHAIRS: R90/Night + R100 Deposit

To Rent out camping equipment please fill in the order form on the right or if using a mobile browser tell us what you would like on a contact form on the 'contact us' page. 

NB --->>> All deposits are swiftly refunded IN FULL once inspection is complete and tents are deemed to be in good condition. Inspection will be completed no later than 48hrs after return of equipment.